Fauve Rescue


Breed Rescue Coordinator: 
Fiona MacKay

07985 501619

As the sole national Kennel Club (KC) registered breed club for Basset Fauve de Bretagne in the UK, we operate a rescue service for UK Fauves in need of re-homing. Thankfully, our services in this regard are rarely needed as owners & breeders are normally diligent & proactive in handling re-home cases themselves. The Club considers it is not appropriate nor reasonable for it to become involved in non-UK & crossbreed re-homing cases. Where a Fauve has been transported internationally to the UK, without a UK permanent home & owner having been vetted & confirmed in advance, the prime responsibility for such cases rests with the individual(s) &/or organisations(s) who have chosen to bring the Fauve to the UK.

In the case of re-homing please always contact your Fauve’s breeder in the first instance.

If you are interested in an older Fauve please contact breeders direct as they may on occasion have such a Fauve looking for a new home.