Champion Gallery

All are UK champions, if they are also a champion in another country it will be listed.

If you have one of your champion please send it to us.

We also have a gallery for Fauves in general, please feel free to send us a picture of your Fauve for inclusion. 

Ch Anjou De L'Escoudou Via Shiroblam (Imp Fr)
Ch Blamtrinever Finnesse Via Shiroblam
Ch/Ir Ch Blevwil Come And Get Me At Cherdon
Ch/Ir Ch Blevwil Enchantress Over Malrich JW
Ch/Ir Ch Brequest Bailee Basler
Ch Brevelay Born To Run
Ch Dyfrigis Latour With Soletrader (Imp Swe)
Ch Gigolo Du Rallye St Paul For Rangali (Imp Fr)
Ch Hibeck Bridget Bardot
Ch/Ir Ch Hibeck Tiger Lily
Ch Hibeck Scooby Doo With Soletrader
Multi Ch Hibeck Pain Au Chocolat Avec Wratthembray
Ch Hirondelle Rangali JW (Imp Fr)
Multi Ch Laserna Storm In A Teacup JW
Ch / Ir Ch Mochras Mahogany
Ch Mocras Melchior
Ch Rangali Magic Moment
Ch Rangali Oh La La
Ch Shiroblam Beau Vester
Multi Ch Shiroblam First Slip
Ch Shiroblam Hot Gossip Of Houndsline
Ch Shiroblam Hot Toddy
Ch Shiroblam Jazzanalthat By Rowinch
Ch Shiroblam Star O'Mine
Ch Shiroblam Star Maker
Ch Soletrader Crimson Tide
Ch/Ir Ch Venquest Popcorn With Hibeck
Ch Venquest Que Sera Sera Of Houndsline
Ch Zibbans Golden Dream For Sweetdean With Brequest (imp Swe)
Ch Shiroblam Rumba
CH Blevwil Nick Nack Sh.Cm
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